Monday, August 22, 2011

Hooked on Guilt Free Goodness

A few days ago I was entering stuff at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe and was getting pretty hungry, so I, being the normal teen I am, called upon the Powers That Be (AKA Mommy). Wonderously, she knew of a new Gluten Free Deli/Bakery in town, so, after we were done at the Fair, we went to check it out.

Called "Guilt Free Goodness", it has a cupboard full of cupcakes, ranging from Bubblegum to Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, to all sorts of goodness, as well as a full menu of Gluten Free sandwiches, salads, cake pops, bread, cakes, ect..... (PS. The selection of goodies in the cupboard is always changing!)

I bought the Northern Star sandwich and a Bubblegum Cupcake for lunch and some bread, just to give it a shot, cause it couldn't be much worse than my old nemisis, Papa's Loaf.
After the first bite of the gorgeously handcrafted sandwich, I forgot that it was Gluten Free. The flavors were electric! The pure combination of freshly made sourdough bread, pesto, mayonaise, sundried tomatoes, shaved turkey, and ham was pure heaven to my poor neglected tasebuds. After basically reverting to a caveman - like chowdown on my sandwich, I was ready to try the cupcake.

As all of you Gluten Free people know, it is dang hard to make a good Vanilla Cupcake. There has to be just the right amout of spring, give, moisture, crumblyness, and funness in it to make it simply good, not even spectacular, so I was pretty interested in how this was gonna taste.

At the first tenative nibble i was hooked! The pink Bubblegum frosting was delicately creamy, the amount reminding me of "Cupcake Wars" and the cupcake....... oh, it was exquisite! With just the faintest hint of bubblegum in the cupcake itself, the vanilla shone through, the definite star of the show.
The crumb was light, yet had a classic density that is hard to find in the relm of mixes so available for Gluten Free things. It held together, and had all the spring, give, and moisture that any Foodie would want.

I still had to try the bread, and so, as soon as I got home, that's what I did. The mouth-watering smell of homemade bread hit me as I sliced off a still-warm, fluffy piece. I thought that if it tated half as good as it smelled, I would never buy bread from anywhere else. It did. The warm, cozy, sweet taste I had always associated with regular, wheat filled bread was there! I was on cloud nine.

I still have plenty to try on their menu, but the Guilt Free Goodness of my lunch caught me, and I plan to dine there again.
I give it 3 and 3/4 stars, as my one BIG complaint is that they forgot to double-check if I was nut-free before adding a peanut-butter cookie into my lunch, without even putting it into a cookie sleeve. If it wasn't for that, it would be a 4 star Bakery.

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